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Owned by: Kate Pinker - Bred by:  Kate Pinker - Date of Birth: 06/08/21 - Height: 35cm


**Patella Luxation CLEAR- 0/0**

**Genetic Testing Completed**

Ember was the puppy who wasn't meant to stay. However as circumstances changed and I saw how she was developing, I could not resist. 

Ember is a strongly built female, with good substance and an elegant neck. She has a nice profuse coat for a female and has inherited her Mum Nova's more foxy expression which we will look to soften by pairing her Firnen for her first litter.


Ember is a higher energy Japanese Spitz, with a strong willingness to learn and follow and accompany her 'person's' every move. She adores going for walks and doing training.  

Ember pedigree.png
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