Japanese Spitz Australia

Australian Champion


Owned by: Jenny Humphrey                     Bred by:  Kate Pinker
Date of Birth: 23/09/13                            Height: 32cm

Health Testing: 0/0 Luxating Patella CLEAR


"Laci" is a girl with lots of spunk and attitude. She loves to keep everyone on their toes with her cheeky ways and is a very confident young lady.


Laci has many promising attributes and is nicely put together. She has a beautiful feminine head with a lovely stop and dark eyes. She has very nice movement, proportions and a tight tailset.


Laci attained her Australian Championship title easily and is the mother of my "C" litter.

She soley owned by Jenny Humphrey and will have 1 more litter for Jenny before being retired. She lives a wonderful life with Jenny and Barry who have given Laci a great home!



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