Owned by: Kate Pinker & Leanne Dwyer        Bred by:  Sue Templeton
Date of Birth: 04/09/17                                  Height: 33cm


Patella Luxation CLEAR 

Nova is coowned with Leanne Dwyer from Morsha Japanese Spitz and lives with her down in southern NSW. Bred by Sue Templeton from Itoshi Japanese Spitz in Victoria, she is from a litter sired by 16 year old Frozen Semen from CH. Belegund Di Paranor (Imp. SWE) and Miss Maddy who stayed with us for a little while in 2016/2017. 


Nova takes quite strongly after her mother 'Maddy'. She has a soft and gentle temperament and much like her brother Nero, is a big sook.


Nova Pedigree