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Japanese Spitz Breeder Sydney

Passion. Dedication. Hard Work.

Maemuki Japanese Spitz are a family run hobbyist breeder. We are based in New South Wales, both in the ACT region and Sydney. Whilst I (Kate) do the bulk of the showing and making the breeding decisions, my Mum (Lynne) derives a lot of enjoyment in being involved in my breeding program, working with me to raise happy puppies and dogs.

I am an avid exhibitor of the breed and enjoy going to shows frequently on the weekends and spending time with the wonderful people I have met in this hobby. I have enjoyed a considerable amount of success in the show ring thus far and am proud of my dogs achievements. I am truly passionate about the breed and love every aspect of them. As much as I enjoy showing, my true passion lies in breeding and creating the best quality and healthy puppies I can.

At present I only have a few Japanese Spitz who live with myself or my Mum and wish to keep my numbers small. I also co-own dogs with other wonderful families. My Japanese Spitz enjoy the "Good Life" and are not kept in kennels and/or crates. They remain indoors (often found snoozing on the couch!) with the option of coming and going as they please. They sleep on my bed, love spending time with me and are wonderful companions.

I am extremely passionate about all things Japanese Spitz and love talking to others about the breed! Dedicated to the breed for the long term, I am always continuously attempting to expanding my knowledge of the breed, conformation and health. There is always (and always will be no matter how long you have been involved!) something new to learn or research.

My journey with the Japanese Spitz started in late 2010 and what a journey it has been!  I was fortunate enough to be offered "Maui" by Kacey Yates from Kimyata Japanese Spitz, for a period of time to see if I enjoyed the show ring whilst I waited for a puppy. Needless to say, Maui and I became inseparable and he never went back, having kick started my enjoyment of showing and a deep passion for the breed. I purchased his daughter "Tempe" in late 2011 and enjoyed showing a father/daughter team. 

Throughout the next couple of years, I was lucky enough to be at the end of the lead, as Maui had a wonderful show career. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that Maui and Kacey gave me. We were a team, winning Best in Show, multiple Runner up Best Exhibit in Show, Best in Groups. Maui achieved his Supreme Championship title, and I have been proud to continue this success, through consistently exhibiting and producing dogs which are some of Australia’s best.

 Maui has many wonderful offspring, both in Australia and overseas and is a key figure in my breeding program. He passed away at the age of 14.5 years of age and was fortunate to have aged gracefully, only encountering illness in the last 6 hours of his life.

Tempe's second litter was born in 2014, to the stunning AL-X, whose semen I imported from Norway earlier that year. 3 beautiful puppies were born and as they grew, it became apparent that I must keep the single boy, now "Spyro" Sup Ch. Maemuki Bonfire Heart (AI). A devastatingly gorgeous puppy and an equally beautiful adult, Spyro has had a superbly successful show career. He is a Best Exhibit in show winner All Breeds as well as in the Specialty ring and has achieved everything I have wished for.  

​Fast forward to 2022 and I was unable to resist keeping a truly promising puppy - Firnen from my S Litter. Aptly named Maemuki "Showtime" he has already excelled in the show ring winning Best Baby Puppy in Show at the Sydney Royal! This is one of the biggest shows in Australia and incredibly difficult to get such wonderful results at. I am so excited for Firnens future and he will be one to watch!

Maemuki Japanese Spitz has also proudly exported quality dogs overseas, where they have achieved great results from accredited therapy dog, rally/obedience dog to show champions. ​

The future is looking incredibly exciting, with many more plans in motion! 

The journey doesn't end here, it is just the begining and I cannot wait to see what the future holds! I have many exciting things planned and have enjoyed my journey with my Japanese Spitz so far!

Japanese Spitz Breeder Australia
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