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Maemuki Japanese Spitz, has frozen semen stored for future use in our breeding program. I have extensively researched, collaborated and spent a great deal of time selecting and planning which boys I would bring here to Australia. We have selected dogs with good type, structure, temperament and health results in mind. This will allow for greater genetic diversity, and allow us to use the most compatible males possible with our females despite distance!


Due to the dogs that we have being closely related (Grandparents, parents, offspring, grandchildren), I have/will be collecting from our own males for future use as well.


I have had huge success utilising frozen semen, with wonderful dogs produced as a result. I am very excited to see how these boys can contribute to my breeding program in years to come. I am greatly appreciative of the efforts and generosity of their owners/breeders, to help my dreams come true.

FROZEN SEMEN - Reference Males
These males Frozen Semen have been used, however there is none left for subsequent future use. 

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