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Owned by: Tone Somme- Bred by:  Tone Somme - Date of Birth: 01/10/08 - Height: 36cm
State-of-Art Adorable Al-X

 Patella Luxation CLEAR

Correct Scissor bite

Full Dentition

AL-X is a beautiful boy who resides in Norway, and has accumulated for himself a number of notable wins and titles! He has dominated at breed level, at many shows across numerous countries in Europe.


With a gorgeous expression, good substance, a lovely profuse coat, great structure and excellent movement just to name a few, we felt he would contribute very positively to our breeding program. He also has a great temperament.

He has been a wonderful producer and is the father of our very own Spyro and Saphira who are undoubtedly gorgeous dogs. He also produced the lovely Lexie who is owned by Pat Blattman of Patome Japanese Spitz.

AL-X is still going strong at the great age of 14 years old and is in good health!


A big thank you to Tone, for letting me import semen from AL-X!


We still have some of AL-X in storage, to be used in the future.

State-of-Art Adorable Al-X
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