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Owned by: Kate Pinker - Bred by:  Kate Pinker - Date of Birth: 29/11/21 - Height: 35.5cm


**Patella Luxation CLEAR- 0/0**

**Hip score 6/3**

**Elbow score 0/0**

**Genetic Testing Completed**

Fírnen is a very promising puppy and is the latest member of my show team. With Spyro reaching 7 years of age, it was time for a new boy to join the family. 

WHAT A STAR! Best Baby Puppy in Show at the Sydney Royal! Great things to come for this super little puppy. Fast forward and he has been very successful against the older males and females winning Best of Breed from the puppy classes.

A Best Exhibit and Runner up to Best Exhibit in Group winner, plus multi-class in show winner all before 12 months of age! I am extremely excited for his future.

Fírnen is a beautiful son of my lovely Saphira and has inherited great attributes from both of his parents. He has a sweet nature and is a Mums boy, adoring belly rubs and cuddles. 

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