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Owned by: Kate Pinker - Bred by:  Kate Pinker - Date of Birth: 13/11/18 - Height: 30cm


**Certified Patella Luxation Clear (0/0)**

**Hip score 5/7**

**Elbow score 0/0**

**Genetic Testing Completed**

Lazuli is a gorgeous girl and daughter to my beautiful Saphira. Her father is the handsome Hiro, whose semen I imported from Sweden. She is a a delightful mix of both parents, inheriting the best of both.

Often called "Zu", by her family and friends, she has a cheeky, loving and affectionate personality and we just adore her. She has a sweet feminine head, wonderful body, tight tailset, profuse coat and elegant neck. She is lovely mover and I have had a lot of fun with her in the ring, as she is a real show pony!

Zu has been an excellent producer, with 2 Best Exhibit in Show winning sons from the 2 litters she has produced for us! 

Zu is now retired and will assuredly spend her days reigning as Queen from the couch.

Lazuli Pedigree.png
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