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Owned by: Kate Pinker & Kacey Yates - Bred by:  Jane Faulkner - Date of Birth: 28/05/08 - Height: 35.2cm

Japanese Spitz Australia


28/05/2008 to 07/11/2022

 Patella Luxation CLEAR - Certified 0/0
Hip Score Good - Certified 5/4
Elbow Score Excellent - Certified 0/0

Eye Examination- Certified CLEAR

**Genetic Testing Completed**

Maui is my special boy and we share a beautiful friendship which I will always treasure. He can always be found by mine or my Mum's side and is a loyal and affectionate friend.


Maui arrived in Australia from New Zealand as a puppy in 2008. He enjoyed a very successful show career, maturing into an excellent example of the breed. Maui was a consistent Best of Breed winner and we can proudly boast multiple Best in Show, Runner up Best in Show, Best in Group, Runner up Best in Group, Class in Show and Class in Group wins!

Maui is a correct sized male with good proportions. He has a lovely outline and a handsome head. He has a beautifully constructed body and is very sound, exhibiting the light, energetic and smooth movement expected of the breed. He moves like a dream and is true both coming and going.

Maui has an excellent temperament which he passes on to his progeny! He was a successful sire, with his offspring experiencing a considerable amount of success in the show ring and producing excellent quality Japanese Spitz themselves. He has children both here and overseas who have attained their Championship titles.

Maui is retired, desexed and living life happily as a couch potato.


Jonja Finders Keepers
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