Japanese Spitz Australia

Australian Champion

Patome Heavens on Fire (AI)

Owned by: Kate Pinker          Bred by:  Pat Blattman
Date of Birth: 28/11/16                Height: 31cm


**HIP SCORE 5/7**

"Saphira" is my young beautiful girl! She is gorgeous and she knows it. She is a sibling to my beloved and well performed "Spyro" (Sup Ch. Maemuki Bonfire Heart (AI) ET.) and possesses many similar character and appearance traits with him.

I feel exceedingly fortunate to have played a part in creating and to own such a truly stunning girl. Saphira is an extremely well constructed Japanese Spitz, strong in both front and rear assembly and hence, is very smooth and sound on the move. She is very moderate in length of neck, leg and proportions. Her expressions oozes femininity and the softness in expression that we should see in the breed. Topped off with beautiful black features and a profuse coat, she really is the whole package! 

"Saphira" is the product of a much awaited litter done in conjunction with her breeder, Pat Blattman. Her dam "Mia" is a beautiful daughter to my cherished boy "Maui" and I have always admired many of her lovely characteristics. Luckily for me, Pat agreed to use some frozen semen I had obtained from Norway over Mia and although Saphira was a singleton puppy, it only takes one and boy we were lucky!

Kimyata Seeker Lover Keeper
8.5 months
8.5 months