Japanese Spitz Australia

Australian Champion


Owned by: Kate Pinker          Bred by:  Kacey Yates
Date of Birth: 30/09/11                 Height: 32 cm


Patella Luxation CLEAR 19/12/12

Tempe is my gorgeous little girl who always keeps me on my toes. She is a grand older lady now and is often found snoozing on the couch living the good life. Tempe is a "Princess" and acts the part.  She is sweet and coy but also possesses an independent streak, is extremely agile and dare I say, 'quirky'!  

Tempe enjoyed a considerable amount of success in the show ring at breed, group and in-show level.

Tempe is a beautiful bitch with exquisite feminine features. She has excellent pigmentation and possesses lovely breed type. She has good conformation with good proportions. Moving sound and true on the move, she is a lovely example of the breed.

Tempe has been retired from the showring and is desexed. She has been a wonderful producer and has 3 champion offspring and my gorgeous Spyro is her son.

Kimyata Seeker Lover Keeper
Tempe and her son, Spyro
Tempe 2016
Tempe 2014
Tempe 9 months old
Tempe 8 months old
Baby Tempe
13 weeks
10 weeks