Jasam's White Sparkling Star



Owned by: Tore Botten & Tone Botten  Bred by:  Hanne Anensen & Bernt Winum
Date of Birth: 13/4/2014                      Height: 35cm

 Patella Luxation CLEAR

Theo is a gorgeous boy, who first caught my eye when I visited his owners in Norway. He was only a puppy at the time, but I was instantly attracted to his body carriage, overall structure and lovely temperament. It was on this visit that it crossed my mind that I would like to potentially ask to import semen from him, but I needed to see how he matured first. I couldn't resist but to give him a lot of cuddles, and he was happy to oblige!


I kept an eye on how he was growing over the following  months, and was really impressed and knew I definitely now had to ask if I could import semen from him. Theo has a lot of great qualities; an attractive masculine head, perfect ear size and set, excellent proportions, lovely coat and pigmentation, great structure and a fabulous temperament.


Theo is still a young dog, but has achieved a lot of lovely wins at both breed, group and in-show level. He is a Breed Specialty show and Best in Show Winner! It seems like I was correct when I wrote a few years ago that I thought he has a lot of exciting wins to come, especially as he ages and hits his prime :) .


I am very grateful to Tore and Tone for allowing me to bring a small piece of Theo to Australia, and I cannot wait to see what he produces with my girls!

Jasam's White Sparkling Star